10 proofs that African fashion will eventually become a dominant desire by customers

Ten proofs that African fashion will eventually become a dominant desire by customers

The past few years have experienced a shift towards the African fashion. And gradually the African fashion designer has taken the place of global recognition and relevance. The global fashion trends at this time will also reveal the predominance of African fashion represented in African Style dresses, African print skirts, and even swimsuits. The African fabric, particularly the Ankara (African print) is everywhere. Based on these facts, to say that the African fashion is permeating the fabrics of global fashion is entirely justified.

So, some of us need proof of the possibility of African fashion eventually becoming a dominant desire by customers; here are some proofs:

1. African print products like the head wraps, skirts, swimsuit, and dresses are trending in the global fashion scene, and they do not seem to be facing out soon.

2. Africans are now rising to be stakeholders in the African image consistently projected by this trending and globally recognized African style

3. There is a rise of a vocal school of thought by a bunch of tech-savvy fashion crusaders. They use internet platforms to share latest trends in African-inspired fashion/clothing and accessories. The YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, vlogs, and blogs are used for their African style evangelism. They are therefore able to influence many potential customers and win them over.

4. Video Blogging to the rescue: An example of a Video blogger with very many followers and viewers per video is by the name Shirley B Eniang. She has Nigerian and Ghanian roots but lives in London. She shares African fashion trends on her channel and has garnered not less than 10 million views on her videos. By doing this, she creates the kind of influential awareness needed to sway the minds of potential customers.

5. Social media has been said to propel the African culture into lives. Images of African fashion and products are shared on social media like never before. With these viewers from all over the world are influenced into trying the products.

6. The internet and social media have caused the fashion industry to be highly democratized; therefore anyone who is interested in African fashion can get more details from designers, and this will no doubt lead to more sales and demands.

7. The African fashion designers are not relenting in their bid to take the African fashion to the leading platforms on the global fashion scene.

8. The African print products are now a trend among the celebrities. We all know the influence of celebrities on fans. With this, an average fan will want to wear what the celeb’ is wearing, and then the African style becomes a dominant desire.

9. The teens are a critical part of the fashion world and seeing how the African fashion is trending among the teens. One can most certainly predict that other teens and adults alike will desire to be part of a trend.

10. The fashion world is opened to try something different from the contemporary English style we are already used to, and the African fashion seems to be a convenient option, and it is already making waves.

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