10 tangible reasons to buy made in Africa products


Made in Africa products unlike they were previously seen, are now the good deal. The African continent is blessed with not only an abundance of natural resources; it is equally the with human capital and innovative minds. Many foreign manufacturing companies in the highly developed countries outsource to Africa. This goes a long way to tell about the suitability of products made in Nigeria. Although it may be easier to convince an African to buy the locally made products, there may still be some reasons why a foreigner may feel obliged to patronize the made in Africa product.

There are many reasons we can mention as to why made in Africa products should be patronized, here are 10 (ten) sensible ones:

  1. Quality and durability: The concern of quality and durability is no longer much of an issue in made in Africa products. Africans have continued to embrace innovation and are now paying significant attention to quality and details that may enhance durability.
  2. Entrepreneurial Aptitude will improve: An increase in patronage for an average African Entrepreneur will encourage him   towards more expression of talent and craftsmanship which in turn means better products
  3. Creativity: Africans are very creative, and it shows in their products, particularly the creative industry. For example, Africans fashion designers have been reported to be taking over the global fashion scene. Buying African fashion products may be a good idea after all.
  4. Increased Export: If made in Africa brands have created products to satisfy needs and tastes of Africans who in most cases are already used  to international brands and quality, then it suffices to say that such made in Africa brands can be exported and will meet the demands of customer satisfaction.
  5. E-commerce: With the help of E- commerce, some platforms afford  easy accessibility to African products.
  6. Job Creation: Patronizing made in Africa products will create more employment opportunities for locals. This may not look like a reason to buy African products to an average foreigner, but it means the world to the locals who are always faced with the quagmire of unemployment.  
  7. The African Story: The inquisitive and open minded foreigner, buying arts, crafts, fabrics and the likes from Africa will create a more personal feeling of the African story.
  8. Indigenous African Products: There are some natural resources and products that are only found in Africa. The cosmetic line especially can get natural agricultural produce as ingredients in Africa
  9. Cost: Because of abundance of human resource in the African Countries, most made in African Products are pocket friendly.
  10. Raw Material Processing: With increased patronage, the government is encouraged to create Partnerships with foreign investors to enable this sector to get up to date machinery.

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