10 ways to drive free traffic to your e-commerce store

If you’re stuck in developing your e-commerce store, you need fresh ideas. So, in the beginning, try with these ten easy ways to drive free traffic to your e-commerce store.

A similar audience

In Facebook, you can place a tracking pixel to your e-commerce store, and then show those ads that are the best fit for your typical visitor. The tool is quite accurate: more than 100 criteria are analyzed, among them average income, travel aspirations and even the number of rooms in the apartment. In this case, the appearance of ads can be automatically adjusted to achieve the maximum conversion.

Collaboration with bloggers

According to modern research, all large users begin to search for products not from search engines, but from reviews and recommendations in thematic blogs. Mainly it includes young female audience and Instagram. Sometimes, by making a post in a thematic blog, you can get coverage of advertising more than from the paid advertising.

Promotion by geolocation

For products that are important to buy in your area (for example, food delivery), you can use advertising by location. Now, it’s available in contextual advertising and in advertising on social networks. You can specify the area, put a radius of 1-2 kilometers, add age/interest restrictions and run ads.

E-mail marketing

It includes a series of email letters, created by the owner of the website sent to the user when different conditions and promotions are mentioned.

Activation offers

If buyers have not been on your website for a long time, a great way for driving additional traffic to your e-commerce store by sending them automatic “trigger” letters.

Requesting of feedback

It’s another of 10 easy ways to drive free traffic to your e-commerce store. You’ll also use the email to ask users for feedbacks. This rating, in turn, is translated into search, increasing the clickability.

Alternative way – agreement with larger stores

Try to negotiate with the shops in your city. If they are not prone to paranoia, they can accept the placement of your products in stores. This tool is practically free.

Partnership programs

Offer your customers to promote your products for money or for a discount. You will be surprised, but, with the right approach, many of them will agree.

Content marketing

One of the best and at the same time the most difficult ways to make your customers your fans is to provide them with good content for your store. But you need to understand that content marketing is not only the most effective but also the most difficult way to sell.

Advertising using instant messengers

An alternative content marketing tool is the through instant messengers. Short and regular posts attract the attention. Try to use a minimum of external links. The price of such an experiment is just your time.

Applications with notifications

Let’s say you want to create a mobile application for your e-commerce store. This is one of the 10 wasy ways to drive free traffic to your e-commerce store and this job becomes easier every year because of many available tools that can help you in making.

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