Ankara is a fabric made out of 100%cotton with various patterns and color combination. Ankara is popularly known as African wax and calling it an artistic expression of colors and pattern with an African undertone is the perfect description; this is because Ankara fabrics are usually dramatic, full of color and a display of nature. They can be made into just about any style desired, but we are particular about Ankara dresses for now. So, it is good to know the following about Ankara dresses:

  1. At some point, Ankara was only worn as a casual dress, but the Ankara story is no longer the same. Ankara dresses are designed with many shades of gorgeousness for formal and ceremonial purposes.
  2. Ankara dresses are sold in ready-made in both online store and offline boutique. One can also make Ankara dresses bespoke, and they look very stylish.
  3. Ankara dresses can be styled according to the Ankara fabric pattern and motif. They are made into short or long, flay or pencil dresses, all depending on personal preferences and style.
  4. An Ankara dress can be made from a roll of Ankara Fabric. Ankara is sold in 6 yards and 12 yards; the 6 yards being the more popular one. Depending on body size and the style of choice, a 6 yards fabric can sew an Ankara dress entirely, and in some cases, a yard or two will be left over. That means that Ankara dresses are quite affordable.
  5. Ankara dresses are usually worn for formal and special outings nowadays as against the casual usage of the past, and it is also true that it can be used for just regular occasions.
  6. Ankara dresses are unique in patterns and style which makes it highly improbable bumping into another person wearing the same pattern and style. So one can be sure to look unique wearing an Ankara dress.
  7. They allow for such freedom and dramatic expression that other dresses may not be able to give such satisfaction.

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