The need for African Fashion

Afrocentric fashion embraces the western fashion and references the African culture. It is drawing the African fashion from a centered to a multicultural African fashion.   It merges the traditions of Africa with the west. Afrocentric dress, to the Afrocentrist, is only a norm. Afrocentric dress has now become the fashion of the Africans who are living in the diaspora.


It may therefore be referred to as the €˜African diaspora culture'. Black cultural nationalism which is a political and cultural activity embrace the Afrocentric fashion an open symbol of the African culture


By the wearing of Afrocentric dresses, the African culture is integrated into the western and the African fashion and for that matter her culture is projected in the western world. Afrocentric fashion can be better captured in the phrase of psychiatrist Frantz Fanon, €œBlack Skin, White Masks €œ

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