African necklaces are unique in their design and style that suits the culture of the place

Jewelry is generally designed in a traditional way with the use of common materials like diamonds, jades, silver, and gold. However, the jewelry of Africa are indeed unique and do not follow the regular methods and patterns. Therefore, the question arises, what types of jewelry are worn in Africa? How many types of African jewellery are available? What are the materials that are used for designing the African jewellery? African necklaces for women are designed in different style and pattern and are unique in its place. Here are some of the materials that are usually used in Africa for creating the jewelry.


Beadwork is jewelry common across the African continent. The beads are used to design bangles, armbands, and necklaces and are used by Masaai and Sambaru of the place.


Instead of ivory, an individual can use bone to design  a necklace and earrings. The bones are readily available at different slaughterhouses and can be easily accessed throughout the place. It is indeed an excellent replacement for bone as it costs less and even the lives of the elephants are indeed saved from being lost.


Usually, white and red clays can be used to form various beads and make earrings and necklaces. The clay balls can be painted in different colors and used for designing various pieces of jewelry for the women of the place.

Animal teeth

As bone, animal teeth is also considered as a suitable replacement for ivory and can be designed to various shapes and patterns and is as well available at different slaughterhouses without any difficulty.  African necklaces for women are designed in unique style bearing the culture and tradition of the place.

Plant material

It is one of the favorite sources of jewelry that is available. The cost of such material is indeed low and can be easily plated to something other and worn in style by the residents of the place. African necklaces for women can also be designed from rushes, straw and banana leaves.


African culture prefers to follow various traditional works and patterns. Different materials like iron, bronze, gold, silver, diamonds are used for designing the fashioned jewellery of the place.


Sandstone is the common material that is used for creating pieces of jewelry. Such materials are generally soft and can be bent and designed to different shapes to suit the necklace and the armbands in which it needs to be used.


Wooden jewelry is largely found at the place. Such materials can be easily painted and varnished as per the needs and the wants of the customers if it is ordered beforehand. Woods can be used for making various designed earrings as well that suit each and every tradition of the place and is indeed unique in its style and pattern.


Animal horn is considered as the favorite material to design necklaces in Africa. The designs from horn are unique and distinctive.  Such jewelry  is not generally available around the place and can be called as the specialty of the place as well.


Leather is another form of material that can be used to design various African necklaces for women, providing a unique look and style. The leather is generally acquired from domestic animals and at times from wild lives as well.

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