If you happen to be a fashion lover, you no doubts have heard about and seen the cold shoulder tops that are currently trending in Africa. I have no doubts that by now these African style cold shoulder tops have found their ways into the hearts and shores of non Africans.

Funny how styles are resurrected after decades have gone past. In that same way, these tops just popped up again after most Africans have even forgotten they were ever in vogue. The said tops are actually mostly Ankara fabrics. These fabrics are popularly known as the African print fabrics. But the fact that these tops are mostly made out of the African print fabrics do not presuppose that they cannot be made from other kinds of African fabrics, depending if course on individual taste.


This cold shoulder trend was originally birthed in Africa in the 90’s and now they are back and better. What makes them better? They are back with more feminine fit and more “poshness”. They are a perfect way to let out a little skin while feeling the comfort of the style. With this African style,  all the other parts of the arms are well covered letting off only the shoulders just as the name implies.

The cold shoulder tops can be paired with other matching materials. They can be used with fitted pants, jeans, shirts or shorts or even used alone depending on the user. With a nice pair shoes, the tops look bang! And thanks to its versatility, it can be used for different occasions, all that need be done is to pair them accordingly.

African style cold shoulder tops are actually very simple tops. They can be made in less than 20minutes and they look very great, giving the right choice of Ankara fabric. The fabrics do not stretch so a precise measurement will be required to acheive a perfectly made top. Designers do custom made cold shoulder tops based on orders. The African style cold shoulder top costs $ 30 to $100 depending on the Ankara fabric type.


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