There is a great deal about the African dress that are hidden from us. A typical example is the unknown origin of the African fabric and styles and how they have evolved and changed with time. What is certain however that is, the African style, like that of other cultures have changed over time.

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African fashion is moving from the traditional to the modern forms. This has paved way for a new generation of African designers. Innovation in African clothing has now become a public spectacle. African fabric is on the showcase everywhere; on the continent and the rest of the world. Over the past five years, a significant improvement in African fashion has been witnessed.

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This has changed the perception of people who viewed African fashion and fabric as solely €˜traditional'. Fashion is the identifying pillar of every culture. It is that which propels you to take risk and put you in the place of self-satisfaction and identity. African fashion can therefore, not be viewed as monolithic. Fashion today is the rope that connects the African continent and its members outside the continent.



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