Emergence of African Inspired Fashion

Unlike previously when the African fashion was localized, the industry is becoming more integrated into the fashion industry worldwide. Africans in the diaspora who are conscious of the African fashion have a desire for anything that is Afrocentric. This has transcended to influence the wardrobe of Africans who are home based who for some time back never considered the idea of wearing the African print with their skinny jeans.

Afican fashion 6

This is where the absolute and real revolution in African fashion is taking place. This is where regardless of the color or print the world has only the African fashion as the object of sight. Time are changing and the African countries which in times past depended on the second-hand clothing imported from the western worlds are now switching to the African fabric.

Afican fashion 7

In order to meet the changing trend, a number of local designers are trying hard to create collection which marries the local and the western cultures. Afrocentric fashion recognizes the limitation in the fashion of both the colonizer and the colonized.

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