Global recognition of African fashion designers is no more a tale


The emergence of African fashion on the global fashion scene may be a little out of the expected for most people. This is especially true considering the fact that fashion has always been seen in the light of cities like Japan, New York, and Paris.

The fashion world has experienced the gradual emergence of African fashion designers over the past years, and we are gradually getting used to this experience. The spotlight has been in the African style so much that an average person who pays attention will agree that the African fashion has gotten to a place of global recognition.  

Not only is the African fashion industry being recognized globally, but platforms like have also continued to show up for very many Africa’s young, creative and upcoming designers.

African fashion is currently experiencing a rise in demand, as the African style continues to trend all across the globe. The fashion world can testify to the open embrace received by the African fashion style by world famous big fashion houses by the name of Vivian Westwood and Burberry when they included the African prints and textiles in their brand collections. The story of how traditional African style becomes globally recognized.

The African print fabric is popularly called Ankara in West Africa, Kanga in East Africa, and Chitenje in Southern Africa. This fabric has been used to create several unique styles by African talented fashion designers. Not only do they create these unique styles, but they have also commercialized same across the globe, thereby showcasing the African style and garnering global recognition while at it.

The fashion and beauty industry in Africa continues to grow into its multi-billion dollar potential. This trend presents a great opportunity for tourism, trade, and entertainment. For tourists in search of all manner of entertainment, the Africa Continent can now fully offer the best of entertainment together with top notch, world- class fashion.

To say that global recognition of African Fashion designers is no longer a tale will be saying that the African fashion now has a place in the global fashion scene and neither of these statements lacks merits.

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