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Let shoppers know what you have available in your personalized store

Low Fees

We make money when you make money. No hidden fees. Don’t worry about listing fees and monthly fees, we never charge those either. We only charge 7% commission per each transaction.


Listing and managing products are very easy via your seller dashboard. You can sell and promote on other marketplaces like Google Shop, Yahoo Shop, and Facebook. Just request for a template CSV file to use in generating your feed.

Seller Support

Our goal is to help you succeed. Our educational resources are designed to help you sell successfully. Learn quick tips like product photography, social media marketing, branding, and many more.

Fee insight

Secure transactions

No monthly fees

Paypal withdrawal

4% Transaction Fee


  Payment Processing fee (3% + $0.30)

Join a marketplace that is mainly focused on the success of its sellers. Become a seller today and have your products listed at additional marketplaces.

Vendor Dashboard

Get a complete overview of your shop metrics. Via the Vendor Dashboard, you can track and measure the performance of your shop. You will be able to view commision paid, recent orders, recent products, commision owed, number of products, and the total number of products sold.

Coupon Management

Easily create and manage your own coupons. You have complete control of your shop’s coupons including restriction, value, and limits.

Product Management

Add and configure your product fields. Our easy to use production management tool makes it easy for you to add product attributes like product description, product photos, set pricing, stock quantity, and many more.

Order Tracking

Tracking your orders have gotten a lot easier. Print shipping labels, export orders to a CSV file which can easily be imported into Google Spreadsheets and Excel.

Help when you need it

Talk to us

Reach us whenever you have a question. Send us an email. Lots of our improvements come from the feedback from our sellers and customers

Seller tips

Learn and master important tips. Learns ways to convert shop visitors into customers.


Join some seller communities and forums and get help directly from sellers like you. We are all one big happy family

Hot selling categories

Home Decor

African Fashion


Earrings & Necklaces