We go on, and on discussing how African and African inspired products are making waves in the markets both locally and internationally, we have considered many reasons for this increasingly high demands for such products and the rising demand has shown no sign of slowing down. Well, then, of what good is it if there are no matching platforms to make it easier for very young entrepreneurs to reach the market with their products and for persons of interest in general to relate?

Kizonga is a new e-commerce marketplace for African and African inspired products. Kizonga has taken the initiative to provide a platform where buyers and sellers of African inspired products can conduct their transactions seamlessly.

A lot of interested sellers who may be interested in listing their products for sale may be caught in the web. Some may be thinking about how the heck they are going to invest in monthly subscription fees, commission charges and listing fees and still make good profits, seeing that business is just starting up and one has to be able to save as much cost as possible. Well, here is the good new; Kizonga will not charge you any of those, yea that’s right, it is absolutely free! On Kizonga, sellers do not get to pay money to get their products listed; they do not get to pay commission charges on products, neither do they get dripped off of money in any other untoward ways.

Kizonga lists products that are strictly African inspired which makes it the best marketplace for your products to get the kind of attention needed. It also makes it the best place to shop for a variety of African inspired products. Products ranging from African print fabrics (Ankara) to African inspired accessories and other African inspired fashion and beauty products available on the market are all welcome on Kizonga e-commerce marketplace.

So, what are we saying in other words; for all things African inspired, Kizonga is the marketplace you want to visit.


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