The popularity of African dresses in today’s society is evident that African fashion is on the rise


The global fashion stage has experienced a sudden emergence of African style over the past years. Even well-known Fashion houses and designers are now influenced in a big way by the African culture and landscape. The likes of Burberry and Vivian Westwood have rolled out fashion collections indicating their influence by the African heritage  

The popularity of African dresses on the global fashion scene is no doubt uncontroverted evidence that African fashion is undeniably on the rise. The former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama has on several occasions been seen proudly rocking African designs made by an African designer, A Nigerian, by the name; Duro Oluwa.

How come African fashion keeps rising at this time? Well, there are explanations for that:

  • The economic needs of all developing African countries continue to drive young and passionate entrepreneurs to venture into the fashion industry with it untapped multi-billion dollar possibilities.
  • The innovative, ingenious, and savvy creativity of most emerging African designers is another advantage that we cannot dark brush aside
  • Cultural and Social consciousness of African Designers: the love for the African heritage continues to drive African designers to continue to tell then African story through their various designs and style
  • An increasing internet marketing trend: The African fashion is constantly showcased on the social media, online shops, and online marketing platforms. The resultant effect of this, of course, is that the African style is accessible to the whole world as a global village. The internet is a city without walls.
  • Craftsmanship: the quality of skill and craftsmanship in African countries are quite commendable. They imbibe these in their designs and dare colors without thinking of acceptability, to them; it is simply their cultural heritage. It just happens that it catches your fancy.

Before now, fashion was synonymous to places like Paris, Japan, and New York. Now we can talk about some African cities like €œglamorous € Lagos fast turning into a fashion powerhouse, Johannesburg, and style Nairobi and creativity and Casablanca with fashion distinctiveness. Will find fashion at its best in this cities. They make dresses that will leave fashion lovers wanting more.  

African designers are simply nonapologetic about their daring color mix and fashion style that the world is at this time ready to go down that road with them.


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