Just when we were still relishing the fact that African fashion is gaining more grounds on the global fashion scenes, we have also come to realize that it is not only the African fashion style that is taking up the stage, other African inspired products have also risen in demand.

It is easier to explain the sudden increase in demand for African fashion styles because fashion is something everyone wants to be part of and we all understand how it evolves with trends coming and going and them resurfacing.

It is all so interesting that products that are African inspired are now in high demands overseas and in places where they were hitherto not noticed. Some examples of African inspired products that have risen in demand in the recent times include African inspired food, spices, condiments and snacks which are sold in some stores in non-African countries. Also, the demand for African inspired beauty products is on the rise. Beauty products like African Healing balm made out of honey, Pride of Africa, wild paradise, and various range of African travel lite available online markets have great patronage. African inspired decoration items are also garnering great patronage.

Non-Africans have also joined Africans to wear bags, jewelry, foot wears and even umbrellas made out of African Fabrics. Ankara made shirts, skirts and dresses are also in very high demands. It is now easy to find a shade of African style anywhere in the world because of the exposure that the African products now enjoy.

What then can we attribute this increasing rise in demand for African inspired products to? Although, the general view is that African products are relatively cheap, this factor alone does not explain the rise in demand for the products. To think that even products that are not directly African but bears semblance with Africa are so demanded and celebrated.  

The only likely right response to this  is the fact that the teaming number of aggressive African young entrepreneurs are seriously stepping up, doing all that is needed to take their businesses to the next level by using all available mediums, particularly, leveraging on the Internet to reach the world.  

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