We have watched how African fashion as evolved over the years. It is supposedly believed that the African fashion industry is worth billions of United States Dollar potentially. The African fashion industry continues to grow with the coming of new designers, retailers and other players. Unarguably, this industry beems with opportunities and if well harnessed, the African economy may begin to know some good times.

The reality that African culture impacts greatly on the African fashion industry. African fashion is taking over, taking the world by storm. Have you taken time to check the volume of search on the internet relating to African fashion of recent? Your answer is definitely a NO NO. But here is the shocker, it is very true that the rate at which this topic is searched has only risen consistently for the past 6 years.  In case you missed the memo, let’s quickly shed some more light on the things you need to know about African fashion.

We all know the African penchant for foreign countries. Lots and lots of Africans have traveled and stayed some years in diaspora and now that they going back to their homelands, they return with interesting ideas on how to build businesses in the fashion sector. Having seen the potential of the African fashion industry, they go all out. Thus, the African fashion continues to make waves.

The African culture has over the past few years experience a reawakening wherein even Africans and non Africans that were hitheto nonchallant towards the African culture are suddenly aroused. This is made possible because of social media, youtube and the internet in general. More and more people watch the African heritage being illustrated in videos and are inclined to also learn and re-learn the fashion aspect too.

What more can we say, African fashion has continued to reach to the world. Western designers have started to chip in African fashion ideas in their designs. Hardly will you see fashion show even in the Europe these days without spotting an African inspired idea or an African material.

African fashion has since gone beyond Africa, we spot world celebrities in African clothing every now and then. The African Kente and Dashiki is now popularly used by non Africans. Beyonce has been spotted severally beautifully dressed in African fabrics. This goes to show how the African fashion as permeated into other countries and cultures.

The African Art has also experience a rise and undoubtedly, this has a great influence on the world’s acceptance of the African fashion.

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