Let us say for the umpteenth time that African fashion is gradually taking place in the fashion scene. How else do we explain why celebrities have been spotted having a fashion day with African print head wraps?

Africans refer to head wraps as a doek, ichafu or gele depending on the African country.   Headwraps are made out of different indigenous African fabrics, but we never thought that African print head-wraps would one day be worn by celebrities as a fashion piece. We have seen the likes of  Simphiwe Dana rocking the head wraps in a way that inspire others on how well the headwraps can be incorporated into everyday fashion.

Afro-chic is now undoubtedly a significant trend amongst celebrities. And not only do they rock the African print head wraps; they have also been seen with other accessories of African origin. Here are some celebrities that have been spotted with African Print headwraps:

  • Boity wore the Ankara head wrap with a big fringed scarf.
  • Pearl’s look in her matching African print high waist pants paired with head wrap is unprecedentedly sexy
  • Queen B in her photoshoot rocks a military green bodysuit paired with beautiful fitting head-wrap and African bead.

Let us try to ascribe some reasons to why the African print head wrap is a trending style among the celebrity:

Apart from what seems to be the basic use of headwraps, which is hair and head protection, the fashion front has recognized more uses of the head wraps. It is true that the headwraps can give way out on a bad hair day, but there is much more to its use by the celebrities.